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Create memories with loved ones while we provide the personal chef services. Groceries are shopped for by KBC, prepared, cooked, and served right at your home. The dining table will be setup with the dinnerware that we provide, along with our cooking equipment. Get in touch to begin planning a hearty KBBQ meal that comes with the fine-dining experience. Let's allow the food to do some talking.

Korean BBQ uncooked Korean Ribs Galbi.jpg


We strive for healthy meals from fresh, premium ingredients, and because everything will be homemade, an abundant amount of love goes into our dishes. KBC's family-style Korean BBQ provides authentic, upscale Korean food & dining in Colorado homes that can only otherwise be experienced by visiting South Korea--it's food that can turn everyone into family. Our interactive experience additionally provides informative teachings of the Korean culture & concepts. Book a cook date for a traditionally authentic Korean BBQ meal that's only available at KBC with recipes passed down from many generations. We hope for clients to have a meal that the soul will remember. 

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