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Korean-born, The Korean BBQ Chef migrated to the US with his family at a young age, and the traditional Korean meals migrated with them. He credits a majority of his culinary passion to his family, especially, his mother who learned from her own mother to maintain their Korean culture, heritage, and healthy cooking techniques that has been passed down throughout their generation. As a multi-cultured foodie and enthusiast, The Korean BBQ Chef grew up traveling around Europe and Asia, expanding his cooking methods and recipes. Following, he went into managing two of the most popular Korean and Japanese BBQ restaurants in NYC. 

In the Korean culture, the definition of eating is having all of our loved ones surround the dining table: whenever food comes to mind, family is chiefly an automatic implication. The presence of a full household emits a musically warm atmosphere, and the entire melody changes on a single member's absence. 

The melody for The Korean BBQ Chef changed the day he discovered his dad had encountered cancer and was unable to continue fulfilling his passion towards painting. Concerning issues relevant to the intestines and stomach, the food we intake has an essential impact on the body. Following deep contemplation, it was determined by the entire family that strictly home-made food was the best option for his father as well as the rest of the family members. When his father needed more ways to eat better after the cancer metastasized to his lungs, The Korean BBQ Chef stepped in. Cooking is similar to painting in many ways: you combine a delectable selection of colors, and the canvas becomes a savory dish for the eyes to devour. 


Guided by his love towards his father, The Korean BBQ Chef wants to motivate others into a healthy eating lifestyle. His father's colon cancer became the foundation to our chef's culinary discovery and goals. Everyone should have a determination and desire to protect something as valuable as the organs of the digestive system as well as the entire body. 

The Korean BBQ Chef utilizes fresh quality ingredients: health is chiefly the main goal with KBC, and a lot of the food he cooks brings forth various health benefits to the body. He believes many in our current green and health cautious era would find interest in our goals and intentions. He wants to take the food industry to not only a higher level, but ideally a healthier level as well. South Korea has always been one of the top countries that's enthusiastically aware of maintaining a nourishing diet and lifestyle; thus, such a tradition and culture has been inherited throughout many generations within our chef's family. In addition to essential greens, his fermented side dishes are one of the elements that defines KBC's distinctive quality. 

"One of our main goals is to invite you into my kitchen and dining room table through the doors of your home." 


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